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2008-04-27 Version 0.4.4-1 released.
  • Fix Crash on build cnc with no config.
  • Fix No G20 on inch units
New Features:
  • Add tool description on Layer Property Dialog
  • Add units on Tools and Layer Property Dialog
  • Disable unused fields on LayerProperty Dialog for the connection
2008-04-23 Version 0.4.2 released.

This is the first beta but working release of gCncCam

This release can read DXF-Files and GERBER NC-Files (Drill-Files) and convert them to 
G-Code (RS-274) NC-Files

It is tested with QCad for creating DXF-Files. The CNC-Code is tested on EMC2 CNC


gCncCam GNU CNC CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) Tool for converting DXF (CAD) Files to G-Code (RS-274) NC-Files. The CNC-Code runs on EMC2 CNC.


The gCncCam provides the following main functions:

Take a look at the Screenshots to see the plugin in action.


The gCncCam is tested on Debian Etch and Ubuntu 6.06 (Used by EMC2 Live CD). 

* This plugin should work on newer versions, but this has not been tested yet.


Direct Download

You can download the gCncCam directly from Sourceforge.


Project web site:

For Bug reports and Feature requests please use the the Sourceforge project page: